June 14,2019 Culture

3 Ways to Build an Innovative Organization

3 Ways to Build an Innovative Organization

Facilitating Innovation

Innovation shouldn’t be a buzzword, it is a competitive advantage. The more creative an organization is, the greater their odds of survival are. Here is how to build an innovative organization.

Focus on the Process

Innovation comes from the experimentation process where you are testing new ideas. This takes the time to do the full process where you will have to learn from each test.

Be Patient

Failures will occur, if they don’t you’re not being creative enough. You will have to encourage people to try new approaches and keep the focus on what they learned out of it. There will need to be a build-up of a collective tolerance for risk.

Set A Bold Vision

As a leader, you will need to push the organization to reach beyond their capabilities. The vision should scare them a little because they are being pushed out of their comfort zone, but continue to be enthusiastic and confident in that your organization can achieve greatness.


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