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Business Overview

9m is a solutions-based practice, that uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to determine what best fosters innovation in your organization. Our key focus areas are Leadership, Team, Culture and the Innovation Process.

Our Approach

We first diagnose the current environment, identifying existing roadblocks to innovation. Then we move onto training, facilitating events that foster creativity in a variety of areas including problem solving, strategic planning, business and product development. Next our attention shifts to change -- specifically, how to effectively plan and guide you through change, using a simulation model. Finally, we help execute the creation process by applying through a comprehensive agile project management approach.

  1. Diagnose Current Situation

    Diagnose Current

  2. Design Creativity Training Events

    Design Creativity
    Training Events

  3. Plan for Change

    Plan for

  4. Execute with Agile Project Management

    Execute with Agile
    Project Management

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