Culture Engineering

We diagnose cultures so that we can understand what is hindering creative thought

Product Overview

Disruptive change cannot occur without an understanding of the roots of the organization. Therefore, 9m's Assessment consulting service evaluates the operational model, environment, team dynamic, and leadership behaviors using quantitative and qualitative approaches. Consequently, this results in an assessment report with strategies to enhance innovation performance. Due to the complexity of cultural modeling, the assessment and findings take eight weeks to perform.

Explanation of Model

Our Assessment model focuses on four key evaluation areas: Organizational Environment, Operational Models, Team Dynamics, and Leadership Behaviors. Within each evaluation area, five key attributes are then analyzed using a variety of methods including Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys, Observations, and Market Analysis.

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Explanation of Model


Our Organizational Assessment varies from other models in the field because it originated on a research-based construct. Above all, the assessment views the innovation culture in the four distinct areas of Environment, Operations, Team, and Leadership. The model can dissect each area to determine the positives and detractors of innovation in an organization.


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