Team Dynamics

We help form the group to build a diverse team designed for complexity

Product Overview

Great teams are diverse teams. Diversity brings new insights and approaches to old problems. It also brings the needed conflict in changing previous paradigms. 9m will guide the team through the norming stage. This builds the foundation for a team to experience healthy conflict and peak performance. At the conclusion of the four-week program, the team will be primed for ideation.

Explanation of Model

Our Team Dynamic model focuses on team member needs, diversity, interactions, communications, and personalities. Starting is team selection to ensure the right domain experience is on the team. Next 9m will explore the team’s interactions by mapping its communications followed by a personality analysis of each member. Finally, experience concludes with a workshop to prime the team for innovation and the creation of a team operating agreement.

Read our White Paper on Cognitive Diversity on Teams

Explanation of Model


Most consultants try to pacify teams into polite interactions and playing nice with one another. As a result, this leads to sweeping issues under the rug and passive-aggressive behavior. However, 9m takes a different approach to help the team understand their differences and facilitating healthy debate. This results in the team leveraging cognitive diversity thus creating a competitive advantage. As a result, this is the team dynamic that elicits innovation and a healthy team dynamic.


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