Innovation Facilitation

We run customized workshops designed to maximize idea generation

Product Overview

The creative spark is a pinnacle moment when the lightning bolt of clarity reveals itself. 9m has dedicated 20-years of research and practice on understanding how to enable that moment in others. Because of research-backed methods and facilitation mastery, 9m will design and facilitate a personalized experience for your team that will unlock the insights and concepts needed to create a disruptive change. This typically takes one to five days in a live session.

Explanation of Model

The 9m Innovation Facilitation model is built on the foundation of peak user experience. As a result, this helps to fully engage the team and unlock their insights.

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Explanation of Model


Most facilitators build an agenda around desired outcomes which lead to stale dialogue and unmet expectations. However, 9m applies an agenda design matrix that builds the optimal experience to achieve the intended event outcomes.


Organizations will see benefits in the areas of:

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