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Product Overview

Leadership dictates organizational culture for the better or worse. 9m provides a three-phase approach to leadership development. Leadership Essentials Training will provide the management team with a baseline of leadership understanding and identification of core behaviors. Base 3 Customized Leadership Training focuses on developing learning experiences in the top 3 leadership skills needed for the organization. The Essentials Training will give a baseline knowledge, this customized training will provide an advanced level of leadership specific to the organization's KPIs. Leadership Circles is a follow-on peer to peer leadership coaching model that ensures leadership development continues beyond a one-time event and standardizes practices amongst managers.

Explanation of Model

  • The Leadership Essentials training program is the 9m Consulting signature leadership development program. The course provides a solid leadership foundation while formalizing an organization’s leadership principles. Course Sessions:
    • Leadership Models & Principles
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    • Growth Mindset
    • Motivation & Directing Work
    • Building Teams
    • Agile Strategic Planning
    • Change Management
    • Global Leadership
    • Defining Culture
    • Facilitating Innovation
  • Base 3 is a research-based training program that determines what makes top performers successful in the organization and develops those same skills in the rest of the leadership team. Using surveys, interviews, and qualitative analysis, the top three key attribute factors will be determined. Following, the training content is then developed and implemented across the organization.
  • Leadership Circles are coaching sessions that consist of managers navigating scenarios that are current or potential challenges describing their perspective and decision-making processes in the actions they take or intend to take. Using the rest of the members as consultants, mentors, and sounding boards for their feedback and perspective.

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Explanation of Model


There are thousands of leadership training programs in the market. Some are provided by experts that provide extreme value, but many are provided by charlatans with little leadership experience or subject knowledge. 9m has combined the depth of academic research with over twenty years of military and corporate leadership experience to create a best in class leadership program.


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