Strategic Planning

We help build the strategic plan that will take the innovation from conception to market

Product Overview

Strategies move an organization down a long-term path, they put the business in a position to take advantage of their competitor, and they theorize on how to achieve greatness. It is the lifeblood of an organization yet numerous companies fail to develop anything beyond an annual financial plan. 9m facilitates a high-end strategic planning process that guides in-depth analysis while engaging the entire organization.

Explanation of Model

The 16-week process consists of:

  1. Diagnosing the current environment
  2. Forecasting the future market conditions
  3. Guiding strategic ideation
  4. Testing strategies
  5. Transforming the organization during implementation

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Explanation of Model


We offer the whit glove strategic planning model that top consulting firms produce. However, our model partners our organizations where we leverage your industry experience with our strategic planning expertise. This will build you a custom strategy that will give you a competitive advantage at half the cost.


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