Change Management

We offer change management for organizations that are navigating transformation. Our approach provides a more positive and engaging stakeholder experience leading to greater change efficiency and adoption.

Service Overview

With each great creation comes the need for change. 9m Consulting will help you through the change process. While 9m designed the Nudge Change Management Model, we can also apply the Freeze Model, Kotter's 8-Step Approach, the ADKAR Model, or create a customized approach specifically for the client's culture. Unique to 9m is our application of a change simulation to help identify risks, issues, and opportunities that will be experienced.

Explanation of Model

This model is built upon an experiential learning model that combines Kotter’s 8-step change process, ADKAR, and Nudge Theory to create the 9m Organizational Change Management (OCM) Approach. This is then applied in a facilitated manner where the participants are guided through a simulation process of:

  1. Taking a current assessment of the organization
  2. Building an analog simulation of the organization
  3. Creating the rules of how the simulation will be run
  4. Analyzing the results
  5. Planning the change

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Explanation of Model


The change management process at 9m is different in several ways from your standard consulting firms. Understanding that change management is truly a learning exercise, 9m strives to achieve this knowledge through experiential learning. With a desire to have a team experience a change in a simulation and to plan accordingly, the facilitated model achieves that insight mitigating the chances of a catastrophic failure occurring.


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