June 14,2019 Culture

Why Does Management Have All the Great Ideas

Why Does Management Have All the Great Ideas

Great Ideas

Management can lead the organization to believe that they have all the answers. However, if they think they have all the great ideas, they are silencing the rest of their teams. There was a historic belief that they were promoted because of their great ideas and are superior in problem-solving, therefore they must have all the answers. While the management team may be good problem solvers, their role is to now get the best ideas out of everyone

Stifle the Ego

As a leader, you don’t have to be perfect and always be an example. The better ideas will come from your team and the better your team does, the better it reflects on you as a leader.

Create Parameters

Give your team all the perspectives that they will need to solve the team’s conundrum. Provide them with clear expectations and give them permission to experiment, take risks, and fail.

Bring Your Team Problems, Not Solutions

If you only bring your team solutions, you are not letting them be problem solvers but only implementors. Your role is to fully utilize your team’s brainpower and to trust the process that they will succeed in the long run.


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