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Top Ideas of 2022

Top Ideas of 2022

Top Ideas of 2022

Top Ideas of 2022

A pandemic, quarantine, and economic instability shook the world up. However, like a snow globe, the dust settles and new ideas reveal themselves. Our team voted on the Top 5 ideas that originated in 2022.

Our Top 5:

5. Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

“Smart” really just used to mean connected – smartphones, smart TVs, and the plethora of other smart devices were really just the same old toys but connected to the internet. Today, “smart” increasingly means powered by artificial intelligence (AI) – generally machine learning algorithms – and capable of helping us in increasingly innovative ways. Smart cars use facial recognition algorithms to detect whether we are paying attention to the road and alert us if we’re getting tired. Smartphones use AI algorithms to do everything from maintain call quality to help us take better pictures, and of course, they are packed with apps that use AI to help us do just about anything. Even smart toilets are on their way – capable of helping to diagnose gastrointestinal issues by using computer vision to analyze stool samples!

4. 1/3 Firms Shifting to Hybrid Work Have Failed

Above all, business leaders are grappling with big employee-related questions right now. When (or if) to return to the office environment and how? We see that only 10% of firms shifted to a fully remote model, and 30% have gone back to a fully in-office model. The remaining 60% of firms shifted to a hybrid model, and one-third of those firms are failing in their first attempt at anywhere work. Why? Because shifting to a hybrid model while still designing meetings, job roles, and promotion opportunities around face-to-face experiences sent productivity plummeting and lead execs to question the model instead of the processes they cling to.

3. Pandemic to Endemic

New antiviral pills, improved antibody treatments and more vaccines are coming. For vaccinated folks in the developed world, the virus will no longer be life-threatening. But it will still pose a deadly danger in the developing world. Unless vaccinations can be stepped up, covid-19 will have become another of the many endemic diseases.

2. Digitization, Datafication, & Virtualization

During 2020 and 2021, many of us experienced the virtualization of our offices and workplaces. Remote working arrangements swiftly put in place. This was just a crisis-driven surge of a much longer-term trend. In 2022, we became increasingly familiar with the concept of a “metaverse” – persistent digital worlds that exist in parallel with the physical world we live in. Inside these metaverses – such as the one proposed recently by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg – we will carry out many of the functions we’re used to doing in the real world, including working, playing, and socializing. As the rate of digitization increases, these metaverses as a result will model and simulate the real world with growing accuracy, allowing us to have more immersive, convincing, and ultimately valuable experiences within the digital realm.

1. Democracy vs. Autocracy

America’s mid-term elections and China’s Communist Party congress will consequently contrast their rival political systems. Which is better at delivering stability, growth and innovation? Therefore this rivalry will play out in everything from trade to tech regulation, vaccinations to space stations.


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