Top 5 Worst Jobs for Creatives

Top 5 Worst Jobs for Creatives

Our team took votes on our top 5 worst jobs for creatives.

5. Lawyer

Television dramas may lead you to believe otherwise, but a lawyer’s day is largely spent analyzing the minutiae in an unending stream of boring documents. Whether drawing up wills and contracts or preparing evidence for a trial, an attorney’s (and legal clerk’s) job requires unwavering attention to detail. Creative adults can find themselves easily distracted or restless, and making careless mistakes when their attention to detail fails — a big problem when it comes to binding legal agreements.

4. Accountant

Many creative adults would rather stick a pencil in their eye than work on their taxes. (Annual extension filing, anyone?) Crunching numbers! Tracking down the right forms! Putting the right information in the right boxes! Accountants do this every day, all while keeping in mind changing tax codes, discount rates, and state regulations. Accounting is an esteemed and important profession, it’s just utter hell for most creative people.

3. Librarian

Librarians are masters of quiet, self-guided organization. They keep every Dewey Decimal in its proper place without uttering a word — and often without much supervision to keep them on task. This is important work — and it is extremely ill-suited to social, chatty creative people who enjoy a lot of stimulation.

2. Customer Service Representative

Answering the phones all day is tedious enough. Add to that the challenge of keeping your temper in check even when the customer is definitely not always right, and you’ve got a dangerous combination for creative adults. The impulsivity of being creative means that they can often lack restraint when they feel like someone’s treating them poorly.

1.Assembly Line Worker

Talk about repetitive work. And work that requires a steady attention to detail throughout. The worst possible combination for creative adults who suffer boredom and an inability to focus when not stimulated mentally or physically. Instead, look for a career that lets you work on many different things throughout the day to keep your mind fresh and your attention sharp.

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