Top 5 Things to Learn in 2023

Top 5 Things to Learn in 2023

Top 5 Things to Learn in 2023

Because of Top 5 Things to Learn in 2023

As we start to look upon the new year fast approaching we thought about what knowledge to acquire. So our team took to voting for the Top 5 Things to Learn in 2023.

Our Top 5:

5. Cognitive Flexibility

The rise of digital technologies means you’re going to need to handle the plethora of opportunities and challenges that come with it. However, do you have the ability to adapt to change and conceptualize complex multiple ideas all at once? If so, you’re showing qualities that reside in advanced multi-taskers and which are highly valued by employers and recruiters.

4. Emotional and Social Intelligence

For everything that can be replaced by digital technologies and artificial intelligence, emotional and social intelligence remain uniquely human capabilities.

In some sectors, these qualities are absolutely crucial. The demand for jobs in healthcare, for example, are on the increase – demonstrating how some roles will always require a human element. Your future job is more than likely going to include working closely with others, so having empathy, the ability to collaborate, as well as excellent communication skills is something you’re most definitely going to need.

3. Blockchain

Above all, you don’t have to work in finance for blockchain to be relevant to your workplace. Blockchain is characterized as a solution in search of problems, making it a desirable skill for employees to have.

Blockchain is driving deep changes to the architecture of corporations. If you understand how blockchain works, you will be in the mindset to find potential problems within your company before they develop into real problems.

If you already understand cryptocurrency and trading, you likely have blockchain skills in place. Consider reading different blockchain blogs that further explain how the technology works and can be applied in your company.

2. Judgement and Decision-Making Competencies

Neutral judgment and a holistic and fast decision-making competency are becoming more important in complex situations. While machines still focus on neutral data and give more inputs for decisions, it is the human task to also recognize other factors like e.g. social implications, morale or business, and personnel effects.

1. Artificial Intelligence

You don’t need to work in the artificial intelligence (AI) field to expect to encounter AI in your workplace.

Software like hyperautomation and business intelligence, both examples of process automation enhanced by artificial intelligence, regularly rank among some of the top business technology trends lists. Therefore, these technologies are transforming the way businesses function, enhancing the need for employees with artificial intelligence experience across industries.


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