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Top 5 Signs That Your Employer is Creative

Top 5 Signs That Your Employer is Creative

Top 5 Signs That Your Employer is Creative

Many organizations tout that they model the creative spirit. Many organizations either lie about their culture or they are incompetent in determining if they help innovation or stamp it out. We’ve ranked the top 5 signs that your employer is creative. If your work has all 5, stay there. If your company doesn’t do any of these, start polishing up your resume.

# 5 Allowing Flex Time

Innovative companies realize that you cannot bottle peak creativity from 9:00 to 5:00 nor does creativity happen exactly 40 hours per week. Innovation comes in bursts and after periods of reflective thinking. A creative company doesn’t keep track of attendance and hours work, they keep track of results.

# 4 Team Speaks Candidly With One Another

Much of creativity in the workplace is forced upon teams. Innovation is synonymous with collaborative environments. A team that creates effectively together also debates and disagrees effectively. If a team only speaks in platitudes and avoids confrontation, their creative potential is being stunted.

# 3 Always Looking For Options Instead of Hard and Fast Decisions

Some companies make quick decisions that prove hard to change. This signals a hierarchy based management team that makes decisions in a box without help. Creative organizations use a flexible approach to their strategy. They choose to try out and think through multiple avenues. Their strategy is an adventure as they find hidden value in the marketplace.

# 2 Managers are Great Listeners

Managers that spend most of their time talking tend to become the bottleneck of the organization. They fall into the category of omnipotent leader that knows all. Innovative leaders spend most of their time listening. They focus on learning and facilitating the creative process by asking great questions.

# 1 Ideas Built Off of Many of the Teams Insights

Creative organizations that routinely have great ideas typically can’t point to the person with the best ideas. These cultures encourage people to voice their ideas. Then the team builds off of that idea with their insights until forming a great idea. The collaborative process is so effective that no one remembers where the idea came from originally.

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