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Top 5 Innovators of All Time

Top 5 Innovators of All Time

Top 5 Innovators of All Time

Many say that it is impossible to define the top 5 innovators of all time. Yet, these top 5 would take on the challenge of solving the impossible.

# 5 Nikola Tesla

A one time apprentice of Thomas Edison, Tesla brought the field of electrical engineering forward lightyears ahead of his time. While he made his name for inventing the first alternating current, he also brought to life the concept of wireless electricity and the radio.

# 4 Marie Curie

While Marie Curie is renowned for discovering radioactivity, her work helped advance all sciences. Becoming the first female winner of the Nobel prize, she also became the only person to win two Nobel prizes in different scientific fields, physics, and chemistry.

# 3 Albert Einstien

Not specifically known as an inventor, Albert Einstein became one of the world’s most innovative thinkers. Famously known for his special theory of relativity which changed the physics world’s understanding of how space and time affect one another. Einstein also theorized the photoelectric effect of how electrons emit off of metal when light shines on it.  In addition, he developed the Avogrado number which determined the mass of atoms.

# 2 Archimedes

Famously known for running through the streets of Syracuse naked yelling Eureka, Archimedes’s brilliance goes far beyond his principle of buoyancy. He also created the screw that made water flow up instead of down. He also brought forward the science behind levers and pulleys which is still studied over 2,000 years later.

# 1 Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci, the true king of the invention. Not only did he paint the classic Mona Lisa and The Last Supper but much of modern-day technology is based on his insights. His work provided the foundations of the helicopter and parachute. He designed the diving suit, armored tank, and machine-gun centuries before they came to fruition.

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