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Top 5 Creative Words

Top 5 Creative Words

Top 5 Creative Words

Top 5 Creative Words

It has been a slow start to the year. So our team took to voting for the Top 5 Creative Words that we will see moving forward.

Our Top 5:

5. Ephemeral

Things that don’t last forever are ephemeral. From conversations to arguments, some things just tend to be short-lived, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

4. Incandescent

While the word “incandescent” is one way to talk about the electric lamps in your living room, it can also be used in reference to the brightness or someone’s intellect or personality.

3. Raconteur

Are you good at telling a story? Then you can start telling your friends that you’re a raconteur. Even if you’re not the best storyteller, it’s still a fun word to say.

2. Loquacious

The “qu” sound strikes again! “Loquacious” is a way nicer-sounding way to say that someone is talkative or chatty. And we wouldn’t mind someone having this quality if they used lots of beautiful words like these!

1. Panacea

Here’s another beautiful word with a beautiful meaning. A panacea is something that can heal or cure anything or, more generally, solve any problem. It’s most often used theoretically, as in, “This law might improve things a little, but it’s certainly not a panacea.” It comes from the name of a Greek goddess of (you guessed it) healing.


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