Top 5 Creative Movies of All Time

Top 5 Creative Movies of All Time

Our team took votes for the top 5 creative movies of all time!

5. The Sixth Sense

The 1999 movie was a huge financial success bringing into the box office $293 million dollars. More notably though was the film’s ability to tell a story leading the audience down a path only to introduce a twist ending that would shake the audience’s belief to their core. Director, M. Night Shyamalan, didn’t invent the twist ending, but he mastered it.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Telling the story of a man who is born old and ages young, reframes the audience into their own theories on wasting health on the young. The movie is able to transfix the audience into the life of a man that is not made to fit into society while historically recapping the last 50-years of American history.

3. Pulp Fiction

Filmed in a nonsequential order, the audience experiences a high paced action-filled tale. Pulp Fiction was able to take an edgy true crime story and weave intrigue into the plotline by keeping the audience guessing at what was happening.

2. Inception

A movie about a dream within a dream is a hard sell in Hollywood. However, a movie about thievery and espionage while actively in a dream state leads to a world of possibilities, paradoxes, and an audience trying to figure out what reality really is.

1. Momento

Shot entirely in reverse with a lead character suffering from short-term memory loss. The audience joins the ride of trying to solve a murder while trying to figure out not what will happen in the future but what happened 15 minutes beforehand.

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Top 5 Creative Movies of All Time

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