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Top 10 Signs That Your Child Is Creative

Top 10 Signs That Your Child Is Creative

Top 10 Signs That Your Child Is Creative

No one intentionally wants to raise a yes man, yet society is going to push that onto all children. Keep quiet, get in line, and do what I tell you to do. However, we’ve listed the top 10 signs that your child is creative with the hopes that you will encourage their innovative spirits instead of stamping them out.

# 10 Quick Learners

They have the ability to immerse themselves in a topic or activity while they learn it thoroughly.

# 9 Great Memories

Having the ability to recall and manipulate patterns helps drive new insights.

# 8 Rule Making

Creative children tend to make their own rules on how their games are played. They are able to understand and manipulate complex interactions by designing rules of order.

# 7 Lost in the Moment

Creative kids can easily get lost in the moment and shut out the world around them. This level of concentration and flow puts them in a deep state of concentration and imagination.

# 6 Divergent Thinkers

They will amaze and frustrate parents with the limitless possibilities that they shout out. They may not be quick decision-makers but they will have numerous options.

# 5 Active

Creative children not only have active minds but also bodies that are always moving. While they can focus and concentrate for long periods, their typical mode is curiosity and constant movement.

# 4 Spatial Reasoning

Creative children love cause and effect. They are also able to apply reasoning with objects on how they reside in the world and how they can be manipulated and altered.

# 3 Story Tellers

Children are natural storytellers. This is a reflection of listening to books being read to them, yet the ability to make up a story in an alternate world takes a high level of creativity. The ability to pretend speaks volumes of creative potential.

# 2 Building with Toys

Most kids enjoy building with toys and blocks. Some will attempt to replicate what they have seen before skyrises, castles, etcetera. Kids will also build structures and worlds that are completely unique and sometimes have background stories to accompany the structure.

# 1 Curiosity

Creative kids are curious kids. They ask a lot of questions and spend a lot of time trying to understand the world. The best thing a parent can do when their child asks them a question is not to answer it and move on but to use that question as a start of an exploratory discussion. This will feed their brains instead of stunt it.

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