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The Top 3 Ways to Make Your Culture More Creative

The Top 3 Ways to Make Your Culture More Creative

Culture More Creative

Automation and outsourcing are getting closer to eliminating process-based work in the United States. Teams now don’t follow orders or processes but are in the business of creating new knowledge and solving problems. This is putting the leader into the role of a facilitator of innovation and builder of a culture that is more creative.

Assemble a Diverse Team

A team full of people from different backgrounds and trains of thought will provide multiple perspectives that will give unique insights. The goal of the leader will be to bring together a team full of different specialties with new ways to look at old problems.

Build Routines That Enable Creativity

Google became famous for giving its employees 1-day a week to work on their pet projects which led to several of its main revenue sources today. You may not have to put in that level of investment in your team to achieve creativity, try running a designed workshop and make experimentation part of your normal workday to increase your team’s innovative ability.

Build Trust

The leaders’ goal is to get people to share their ideas. You will want to have your team be vulnerable to share those ideas and the team will have to trust you to achieve the level of vulnerability that is needed to share their ideas.


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