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The Necessities to Making Nudge Change Management Work

The Necessities to Making Nudge Change Management Work

Nudge Change Management

Nudge Change Management is the art of facilitating organizational change by using the employees to lead the change effort. Choice architecture and nudges are used to present the employees with the perspective and data to nudge them into making the best decisions for the organization. The change management approach begins with clearly defining the change, considering the change from the employees’ point of view and then using evidence to show the employees the best option. Next is to present the change as a choice and to listen to feedback. Lastly, the role of the change agent is to limit obstacles and to keep the momentum going by delivering short-term wins. There are three foundational elements needed to ensure that this change approach can be applied.

1. Change Roadmap

There must be an overarching change roadmap of key milestones or decision points. This not only points the organization in a cohesive direction but also enables a choice architect to establish what the key decision points will be and how they will be positioned for the employee to make an evaluation.

2. Empathetic Leadership

The crucial leadership factor in keeping nudge change management from being a manipulation is the application of empathy. These changes should be in the best interest of the organization but to be effective, they have to be designed from the employee’s perspective. To acquire the employee’s perspective, the leadership team will have to spend significant time listening to the teams’ feedback, relating to their struggles, and clearing out their roadblocks.

3. Employee Empowerment

In nudge change management, the employees make decisions. The leadership’s role is to guide them down the right path to help enable them to make the right decisions for the organization. If the organizational culture doesn’t value autonomy or empowered decision making, this event and employee base will derail quickly.

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