April 27,2021 Strategic Planning

Strategy for the Small Business Book Description

Strategy for the Small Business Book Description

Strategy for the Small Business Book Description

Therefore Strategy for the Small Business Book Description

The excitement of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a new business has faded. Your first dollar of revenue earned and quickly reinvested. However, you are now in the heart of the war. This is the fight where winning means making payroll for the month. Consequently, losing means the bank is foreclosing on your house.

Maybe you had a professor talk you into running your own business. You may have grown tired of serving in corporate America and working for underwhelming talent. More than likely your entrepreneurial spirit was ingrained in your DNA. Quickly in the journey though you found yourself in a fight to survive. You realized that it wasn’t just about providing value and navigating regulations. It was combating companies that are trying to put you out of business. From major corporations using economies of scale and digitized platforms to squeeze your margins to smaller firms trying to kill you with a thousand pin pricks. Running a small business your are always under siege.

Victims sit back and just worry about themselves. Meanwhile competitors focus their efforts on grand strategy, strong offensive actions, and  training to refine their decision-making. They understand how to differentiate themselves from industry leaders. How to serve a niche customer base. Lastly, how to strike smaller competitors with efficient, effective, and high probability strikes to take market share.

Most of your competitors are using rudimentary planning tools with haphazard tactics. They are vulnerable to disruption and businesses that know how to develop and execute a competitive strategy. “Strategy for the Small Business” will guide you through the five stages of competition based strategic planning with easy to use templates to hep refine your approach to winning.

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