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Signs That Your Workforce Is Burning Out

Signs That Your Workforce Is Burning Out

Signs That Your Workforce Is Burning Out

Burnout is striking across all companies right now and driving down morale, production, and innovation. The first step is recognizing the issue in order to act upon it. Our team voted on the Top 5 indicators that your employees are burning out.

Our Top 5:

5. Disengagement

A team that’s eagerly making suggestions, offering up feedback, and collaboratively talking through challenges is a team that’s excited about the work at hand. And so it follows that when an employee is feeling burnt out (and not so optimistic about said work), he or she disconnects from that team mentality.

4.  Exhaustion

If your employees complain about feeling exhausted all the time, they could be experiencing burnout. An overload of stress at work can make it impossible for employees to relax at the end of the day or sleep well, which leads to a constant state of fatigue.

3. Making Mistakes

One of the key signs of burnout is the inability to concentrate or remember important things. If your employees are constantly making mistakes or forgetting about important meetings or deadlines, you need to investigate the reasons behind their lack of attention.

2. Irritability

Tensions in the workplace can simply be the result of a clash of personalities, but if an employee is suddenly unable to get along with anyone, it could be a sign that person is under a lot of pressure. Irritability could also be the result of an individual feeling ineffective, unimportant, or less efficient than they once were. 

1. Cynicism

Everyone has bad days—but I’ve found that it’s a bad sign when you suddenly catch your characteristically optimistic employee mumbling, “I can’t wait to call my client today—I’m probably going to get yelled at again,” “I just can’t get ahead on my work,” or, “This job isn’t going anywhere.”


Burnout is About Your Workplace, Not Your People

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