Purpose and Desire is Not Enough

Purpose and Desire is Not Enough

Purpose and Desire is Not Enough

Purpose and Desire is Not Enough

Born Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, the French aristocrat was more commonly referred to as the Marquis de Lafayette. Coming from a generational military family, his father unfortunately died on the battlefield when Lafayette was nearly two years old. His father struck by a cannonball fighting the British at the Battle of Minden in Westphalia may have changed modern day history.

Lafayette joined the family business and was commissioned in the Army at age 13. He had become obsessed with defeating the British. At age 17 he traveled to the America’s stating that their fight for freedom was a noble cause, but vengeance was what he was searching for. By the age of 19 he was a commissioned as a Major General.

Lafayette fought gallantly for the Continental Army and helped convince the French King to supply troops to America. This support proved to be one of the decisive keys for the colonists winning her freedom. However, Lafayette could never satisfy his desire for vengeance. His longing to exact revenge for his father’s death could never be satisfied, later conceding that there is nothing that could ever heal the hole of a lost father.

The Need for Desire

You must have desire to join the upper echelon in any field. Desire is tables stakes for success. This consists of having the alignment as an absolute necessity to push you in the right direction. This north star gives focus to motivation.

Dreams, figuratively and literally, provide that inspiration and driving focus. These dreams take years and sometimes lifetimes to achieve. How many times do dreams fade? It can be a good thing or a bad thing. People mature with age and recognize new paths they want to go down. However, at least a few times each year I dream of playing centerfield in Yankee Stadium.

I’m reminded of numerous children from my generation that longed to grow up to become astronauts. For 99.99% of those children, their dream was forgotten about, changed, or derailed. How many dreams never came to fruition because time went by too quick? How many dreams go unachieved because they didn’t have a plan to bring it to fruition.

Burning Embers

There are numerous success factors to achieving high end goals. Desire, talent, and discipline. Just as essential is the plan and a way to adhere to it.

What gets measured is what gets done. You can easily build metrics for yourself to maintain behavior change or long-term goal achievement (Samuel). Metrics help keep you marching down the right path and not veering astray.

You have desire and talent, lastly comes discipline. Greatness comes from repeatedly doing the small things that matter. Amazing efforts and performances only come after years of practice and repetition. Your ability to repeat these small things over and over again will lead to you establishing yourself near the top in your field.


Decisions and Desire

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