January 22,2020 Change Management

New World of Change Management

New World of Change Management

New World of Change

We live in a new world of change management. Societies and cultures grow, alter, and evolve with each passing day. Organizations, be it a non-profit or a private institution mirror these same societal changes. New technologies, markets, and constraints push organizations into altering their normal day to day operations. Structured and formal companies are forced to change to maintain their competitive edge. Following a chasm unveils itself between the old and new, the known and the unknown.

Change Impacts

That divide comes with a heavy impact on all involved. Humans are creatures of habit. To force a change upon a person is the equivalent of compelling a person to quit smoking cold turkey. Hence, low success rates in both endeavors. Organizations lose sight of the overall objective that change is for improvement. When change is performed incorrectly it not only negates the improvement but leaves the organization worse off.


Change is inevitable large and small. Few companies do it well and the ones that execute flawless changes have given themselves a competitive advantage. The intent of this series is to provide a new look at change through the eyes of the stakeholder and by nudging them in the right direction.


A nudge is a gentle prod, a slight push, a guide in the right direction. The term nudge has gained new popularity over the last decade through the help of Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. These two defined “Nudge Theory” otherwise known as influencing behaviors and decisions through positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions. The following posts will explore the potential of using nudges to increase the success rate of change management.


Nudge Theory

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