Most Creative Sports Uniforms

Most Creative Sports Uniforms

Most Creative Sports Uniforms

Most Creative Sports Uniforms

As we enjoyed the pinnacle month of sports in October we started to look at uniforms. So our team took to voting for the Top 5 most creative uniforms.

Our Top 5:

5. North Carolina Tar Heels

The cradle of basketball is found on a 12-mile stretch of road between Duke University and the University of North Carolina. Tobacco Road is known as the holy grail (or trail) of college basketball.

North Carolina is a place where legends are made. Dean Smith is one, Michael Jordan, another. From the graceful play of James Worthy all the way to the gritty toughness of Tyler Hansborough, Tar Heel players have worn light blue and white through the decades. No self-respecting North Carolina fan calls it light blue, however, and using the term “Carolina Blue” is the only way into Tar Heel circles.


4. Oregon Ducks’ “Ohana” Alternate Jerseys

Oregon manages to do it again, and create a killer jersey. The contrast between all of the colors is insane and breathtaking in their Ohana alternate uniforms. The coolest part about this jersey is not how it looks but rather the details that have gone in to create it.

This was created by Orgeon’s former wide receiver Daryle Hawkins who is now an apparel graphic designer and the Hawaiian label Sig Zane Designs. Their overall goal was to create jerseys that represented the bond of the football team and this one definitely hits the mark.

3. Air Force B-52 Uniform

The helmet designed after the B-52s that flew in Operation Linebacker II and painted in the Air Force SEA (Southeast Asia) camo, with USAF on one wing and the roundel on the other. The Strategic Air Command adorns the front right chest of the uniform while the name plate uses the orange outline with the airport codes for Andersen AFB, U Tapao and the 7th Bomber Wing patch to represent all former B-52 units.

The left pant leg features 11 B-52 plane silhouettes representing the 11 days of bombing during the conflict. The right-side pant leg has the tail flash of the plane and the number on each player’s pant leg matches their uniform number for the first time in the history of the series.

2. Los Angeles Chargers’ Royal Blue Color Rush Jersey

Color rush jerseys are by far the best thing to happen for uniforms in the NFL in years. Los Angeles, and San Diego, has worn pretty basic jerseys over the years, but with the combination of lightning bolts and the new darker blue uniforms, they really managed to step up their game. What is really unique about these jerseys is that no other team in the NFL has something that looks quite like this. These jerseys managed to be unique and different from other Chargers uniforms from the past while still also being unique to the team’s history.

1. New York Yankees Pinstripes

It’s true, whether you love or hate the Yankee uniforms, they intimidate opponents and reek of class, tradition and honor. Simply put, the New York Yankees have the most creative uniforms in sports.



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