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Integrating AI with Nudge Change Management

Integrating AI with Nudge Change Management

Nudge Change Management

Nudge Change Management is the art of facilitating organizational change by using behavioral nudges to guide employees in leading the change effort. Artificial intelligence using large data sets and algorithmic choices is applying AI nudge change management.

1. Video Game Companies

Popular smartphone games have made tremendous advancements in being able to use points to nudge players. By needing points to advance in the game, the player will earn additional points each day for simply logging in. The game’s AI is tapping into the right neuroreceptors of what will bring a person back. This is even known to keep people playing to obtain a reward even if they don’t enjoy playing the game anymore

2.Social Media

Social pressures brought upon a new fear in the world, one of fear of missing out. Also, this can lead to numerous people who obsessively scroll through a social media news feed. Scrolling while waiting for something to happen. The social media platform will give you nudges in the form of app notifications and e-mails. This is all designed to get you to think that you’re missing out. AI is zeroing in on what notifications will get you to get back into the app even if you know it won’t make you happier in the long run.

3.In-Cart Advertising

Advertising products next to online purchases applies the same model used in retail spaces of putting impulse items at the checkout stand. AI is applying your preferences to market products to you right as your checkout with the intent to get you to increase your purchase amount or attachment of additional products. Gum anyone?


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