December 19,2018 Team Dynamics

Implementing A New Framework for Human Resources

Implementing A New Framework for Human Resources

If your organization has relegated Human Resources to the sideline, there are difficult steps to take to reconcile the relationship. It begins with gaining back credibility by developing a higher level of business and industry acumen. Three tactics would be recruiting new members to the team from the business and then developing their knowledge of human resources. The second would be to put in place rotational programs which would send your new professionals into the business for short periods to work and understand the teams from an ethnographic perspective. Lastly, get the team involved in the organization’s continuous improvement initiatives where they can play a role in facilitating the improvement processes. They will learn the processes, frustrations, and opportunities that the business endures.

As credibility begins to reestablish itself and seats are gained back at the strategy table, ensure that your team is in position to provide value. While understanding the businesses strategy is a necessity, understanding industry best practices make your team valuable, and understanding the market and competitions’ strategies will make the team indispensable. Being able to predict market trends the team will be able to position the organization with on-boarding and developing the talent before it is needed. They will be able to enable a high performing work environment instead of a culture of control. This may be the catalyst that the organization needs to catapult itself into the new world of business or it may be the competitive edge that the organization can take advantage of. While not having Human Resources embedded with the business is common, in the near future it may be the final nail in the coffin of the business.

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