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We help enable innovation for businesses that are navigating transformation. Unlike other firms, we specialize in building a creative culture that can pivot.

Need for Innovation

  • The average lifespan of a company used to be more than 60-years. Over the last decade, that number shrunk to less than 18-years. Our economic system is not helped by growth, but dependent upon it. Innovation spurs value and value brings growth. This value can be in the form of new products, strategies, or solutions. Above all, achieving generational success from a single product or good idea is over. Therefore, the path to sustainability is through continuous innovation.


  • 9m began its focus on innovation and creative thought after watching numerous corporate efforts. Because these efforts failed to provide anything beyond limited, incremental changes. Observing the compression of speed to market 9m realized innovation as the strongest path for long-term viability. As a result, this led to the genesis of the 9m Innovation Model. The model addresses the lifecycle of a project focusing on four key creativity stages: environment, process, change, and leadership.

Client Achievements:

  • An increase in idea creation by 78%
  • Being able to achieve time to market by an average of 46 days
  • Enhanced project accountability and change management reaching an 82% project success rate
  • Improved team morale and attrition decreases by 10%

9m’s Capabilities & Innovation Model

  • 9m is a management consulting firm dedicated to guiding organizations through large scale transitions. Our approach is to work with the client to understand their issues, opportunities, and perspectives. Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach, we apply the agile 9m’s innovation model. This is more than a process, but a framework that provides the right solution to the right problem.
    • Beginning with culture, 9m diagnoses the current environment and impediments to innovation.
    • This leads to the next focus area of leadership development and team dynamics. We prime the teams through development and creativity training to condition the team for group innovation.
    • Next, we provide customized facilitated events that enable creative pinnacles. These events range from strategic planning and business development to problem-solving and product development.
    • Following, we guide the strategy selection and implementation planning.
    • With creation comes disruption and 9m shifts its attention to change management planning. We guide clients through a change simulation model to expertly transition the organization.

Innovation Environment Assessment

  • Product Overview:
    • Disruptive change cannot occur without an understanding of the roots of the organization. Therefore, 9m’s Assessment consulting service evaluates the operational model, environment, team dynamic, and leadership behaviors using quantitative and qualitative approaches. Consequently, this results in an assessment report with strategies to enhance innovation performance. Due to the complexity of cultural modeling, the assessment and findings take eight weeks to perform.
  • Differentiation:
    • Our Organizational Assessment varies from other models in the field because it originated on a research-based construct. Above all, the assessment views the innovation culture in the four distinct areas of Environment, Operations, Team, and Leadership. The model can dissect each area to determine the positives and detractors of innovation in an organization.
  • Benefits:
    • An understanding of cultural enhancers and detractors to innovation
    • An analysis of the team dynamics in place that make an environmental impact
    • A comprehensive strategy detailing key actions to change the culture
Explanation of Model

Explanation of Model

Team Dynamics

  • Product Overview:
    • Great teams are diverse teams. Diversity brings new insights and approaches to old problems. It also brings the needed conflict in changing previous paradigms. 9m will guide the team through the norming stage. This builds the foundation for a team to experience healthy conflict and peak performance. At the conclusion of the four-week program, the team will be primed for ideation.
  • Explanation of the Model:
    • Our Team Dynamic model focuses on team member needs, diversity, interactions, communications, and personalities. Starting is team selection to ensure the right domain experience is on the team. Next 9m will explore the team’s interactions by mapping its communications followed by a personality analysis of each member. Finally, experience concludes with a workshop to prime the team for innovation and the creation of a team operating agreement.
  • Differentiation:
    • Most consultants try to pacify teams into polite interactions and playing nice with one another. As a result, this leads to sweeping issues under the rug and passive-aggressive behavior. However, 9m takes a different approach to help the team understand their differences and facilitating healthy debate. This results in the team leveraging cognitive diversity thus creating a competitive advantage. As a result, this is the team dynamic that elicits innovation and a healthy team dynamic.
  • Benefits:
    • Right domain experience for complex issues
    • Self-created values & operating agreement
    • Primed to enable innovation
Team Dynamic

Team Dynamic

Leadership Development

  • Product Overview:
    • Leadership dictates organizational culture for the better or worse. 9m provides a three-phase approach to develop our clients’ leadership abilities.
  • Explanation of the Model:
    • The Leadership Essentials training program is the 9m Consulting signature development program. The course provides a solid leadership foundation while formalizing an organization’s leadership principles.

    • Base 3 is a research-based training program that determines what makes top performers successful in the organization. Following, it develops those same skills in the rest of the leadership team. Using surveys, interviews, and qualitative analysis, the top three key attribute factors will be determined. Following, the training content is then developed and implemented across the organization.

    • Leadership Circles are coaching sessions that consist of managers navigating scenarios. These current or potential challenges create valuable learning scenarios. As leaders describe their perspective and decision-making processes a learning community is developed. The rest of the members become consultants, mentors, and sounding boards for their feedback and perspective.

  • Differentiation:
    • There are thousands of leadership training programs in the market. Some are provided by experts that provide extreme value. However, many are provided by charlatans with little leadership experience or subject knowledge. 9m has combined the depth of academic research with over twenty years of military and corporate leadership experience to create a best in class leadership program.

Innovation Facilitation

  • Product Overview:
    • The creative spark is a pinnacle moment when the lightning bolt of clarity reveals itself. 9m has dedicated 20-years of research and practice on understanding how to enable that moment in others. Because of research-backed methods and facilitation mastery, 9m will design and facilitate a personalized experience for your team that will unlock the insights and concepts needed to create a disruptive change. This typically takes one to five days in a live session.
  • Explanation of the Model:
    • The 9m Innovation Facilitation model is built on the foundation of peak user experience. As a result, this helps to fully engage the team and unlock their insights.
  • Differentiation:
    • Most facilitators build an agenda around desired outcomes which lead to stale dialogue and unmet expectations. However, 9m applies an agenda design matrix that builds the optimal experience to achieve the intended event outcomes.
  • Benefits:
    • Full team participation, engagement, and empowerment
    • Incorporating multiple perspectives and leveraging the full talents of your organization
    • The process of bringing ambiguous concepts to actionable plans

Strategic Planning

  • Product Overview:
    • Strategies move an organization down a long-term path, they put the business in a position to take advantage of their competitor, and they theorize on how to achieve greatness. Therefore, it is the lifeblood of an organization yet numerous companies fail to develop anything beyond an annual financial plan. However, 9m facilitates a high-end strategic planning process that guides in-depth analysis while engaging the entire organization.
  • Explanation of the Model:

  • Differentiation:
    • We offer the white glove strategic planning model that top consulting firms produce. However, our model partners our organizations where we leverage your industry experience with our strategic planning expertise. Therefore, will build you a custom strategy that will give you a competitive advantage at half the cost.


    • Instills a culture of learning due to continuous improvements to customer satisfaction, experience, and quality
    • Organizational alignment and support
    • Encompasses an iterative approach that ensures a dynamic planning process that adheres to the overall strategy

Change Management

  • Product Overview:
    • With each great creation comes the need for change. Therefore, 9m Consulting will facilitate the client through the change management process using simulation to help identify risks, issues, and opportunities that will be experienced. Hence, the product is a change management plan and typically takes two weeks to perform the facilitation and develop the plan.
  • Explanation of the Model:
    • This model is built upon an experiential learning model that combines Kotter’s 8-step change process, PROSCI, and Nudge theory to create the 9m Organizational Change Management (OCM) Approach. This is then applied in a facilitative manner where the participants are guided through a simulation process of:


    • The change management process at 9m is different in several ways from your standard consulting firms. Understanding that change management is truly a learning exercise, 9m strives to achieve this knowledge through experiential learning. With a desire to have a team experience a change in a simulation and to plan accordingly, the facilitated model achieves that insight mitigating the chances of a catastrophic failure occurring.
  • Benefits:
    • Systematic change management finally
    • Greater team organization and alignment because of experiential communication
    • A high rate of successful change implementation because of
Change Management Approach

Change Management Approach

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