June 14,2019 Culture

3 Reasons Why Your Company Can’t Be Innovative

3 Reasons Why Your Company Can’t Be Innovative

Can’t Be Innovative

Businesses are dying quicker than they have in the past. Their need for new products, new solutions, and how to conduct business are at an all-time high. However companies naturally can’t be innovative. It is essential for organizations to become more creative in how they approach the market.

Controlling Culture

Strong centralized management control and multiple layers of management deter innovation. When decisions are made amongst many layers of managers, the great ideas get watered down or weeded out by the time they make it through.

Content with the Status Quo

Established products create a bureaucracy around the present tense where an organization supports that revenue stream with budgets, forecasts, and personnel that gives the feeling that they are permeant fixtures that are etched in stone. Organizations build a mental model of reality based on the past that can’t be broken or changed which leaves people resigned to believe that this is sustainable forever and are content with the current state of the business.

Hyper Accountable Culture

Cultures where end results are constantly monitored and held accountable to create a sense of a lack of trust which won’t let the employees be vulnerable. Without that vulnerability, they won’t share ideas with others and that lack of ownership of ideas, no one will take the chance on taking ownership of risky and innovative ideas.


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