Project Management

We are experts in the innovation domain, focused on bringing the conceptual to actionable.

Product Overview

Once you’ve identified the roadmap of where you want to go, 9m’s signature planning model, GTP, will manage that journey. An agile project management model that establishes an aligned planning structure connecting an organization’s concept and vision to its weekly deliverables, the process is centered on team planning which elicits organizational wide engagement, accountability, and ownership.

Explanation of Model

Our goal is to implement the GTP planning mechanism that engages the entire organization into creating a shared vision that manufactures an operational flow of goals and objectives that links day to day activities to the organizational vision & strategic goals.

  • A philosophy elicits total workforce engagement
  • A planning methodology balances long term goal attainment and agile flexibility
  • Tool implementation that ensures execution & accountability
  • A trained workforce in planning process application
  • A culture of continuous improvement




Explanation of Model


Our GTP planning model combines elements of traditional and agile project management that establishes a direct line from concept to completion but also has built-in flexibility to continue the innovation process during project execution. 9m Consulting is not made up of knowledgeable salesmen, but of experts in the innovation domain, our focus is on the issue and not on the 2nd sale in trying to create a continuous revenue stream. The goal of the GTP model is to train the client on the approach and to build their own level of independence.


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